Graphic Design Trends in 2017

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2017 is well underway and we’ve decided to take a look at all of the latest trends that have emerged so far this year.

Your brand image is so important and the content you produce to advertise your brand is equally important. When it comes to design you can’t afford to use the generic, boring images that other people have made, you have to be original.

Here’s our top 4 tips to stay on trend:

Make it loud and bright

  • A few years ago, people thought muted and neutral colours online were best as they were less aggressive and abrasive. But not anymore.
  • You have to be seen and our in-house graphic design team keeps on top of all of the latest trends such as bold and bright colours that make your brand stand out. White, grey and black just don’t work the same anymore. The colour you use reflects your brand and image, there is a psychology behind every colour you choose.
  • If you’re apprehensive of using those bright, bold colours together, then why not mix them with a white or grey to make them stand out and give them a fresh look at the same time.

Type it right

  • Be big and be daring. It’s all about catching the eye of your potential customers and typography achieves this instantly. Due to the dwindling attention span of millennials keep it short and sweet. If you don’t stand out and mix up your fonts you are at risk of being forgotten about. It’s not just the font either, play around with the spacing or make some words bold, this will help your brand stand out to your customer visually.

Authentic Photography

  • As the demand for high quality content increases so does the demand for high quality images. Photography although it might not seem 100% obvious, is a friend to graphic design. Overlaying animations or text onto a photograph can not only humanise your business, but breaks up the constant flow of the same old design content.
  • Avoid stock images at all costs, firstly Google and other search engines will rank them lower as they are seen as duplicate images and secondly, they are boring for customers to look at. After seeing the same image for the 50th time, you might think the content isn’t original. This puts your company’s reputation at risk.

Dig the Drawing Pencils Out

  • Go back to basics. Find the pack of pencils from the back of the cupboard and develop your creative designs. You can start by drawing simple objects, these images don’t have to be perfect, remember that they aren’t supposed to look like photographs. You will make your brand stand out against the crowd by simplifying your brand through the use of hand drawn images.
  • Big brands are using these images within their marketing campaigns. Sites like Dropbox have even suggested that these hand drawn images work best for them, as they appeal to the child in all of us. For them this makes their brand and product more accessible than the sterile boring photography that is used in a lot of graphic design.

So there you have it, our 4 top tips for staying on trend with your graphic design this year. Remember, this isn’t simply drawing or taking a photograph and layering text over the top. You have to create a concept and a marketing plan to complement your design, this will really aid your brand image too. Always be aware that styles and trends are constantly changing and evolving. Our in house graphic designers are always developing their styles to suit your brand and style.

Once you have a strong brand image and your content is visual and informative you can look at how best to develop a multi-channel campaign. Branding is all about creating your image and getting across what you do clearly and simply. Next week we will discuss how to get your brand seen by the right audience.