News – National Apprenticeship Week

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It’s National Apprenticeship Week and we’re celebrating by taking some time out to have a chat with our Marketing Apprentice Lucy.

Lucy started working with us back in September 2016 as part of her Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration. She works with us every weekday except a Thursday which is when she attends college. She is an essential part of our team as she has her own job responsibilities and tasks to complete daily, weekly and monthly.

Anonymous: Hi Lucy, so what made you want to do an apprenticeship over A-levels?

Lucy: Hi, I chose to do an apprenticeship because even though I did well in school, I didn’t enjoy it. I preferred to be able to learn on the job and get straight into a work environment while still getting my college qualifications.

Anonymous: That’s great, what do you enjoy most about your job?

Lucy: I like everything really, it’s a great office to work in, but if I had to say one thing my favourite part of my job is the social media marketing. I oversee our sister company’s social media account. This means I talk to the client every week to set out ideas about what to tweet about, then I take photos of the products and tweet them.

Anonymous: Good, what have you learnt by doing this?

Lucy: By using our analytics I have learnt the best times of the day and week to post on social media and by actually doing it for a client I feel I have learnt so much more than I would have done just learning about it at college as this is a live account.

Anonymous: What do you do daily?

Lucy: Daily, I sort out sales contacts for the sales team and hold meetings to discuss my ideas about what to do next. I help out the marketing team by re-gramming to Google Plus for our clients, tweet for our sister company and gather content for their monthly E-Newsletter, I also do research into marketing and hold team meetings to tell the marketing team what I have found out and how we can use it within our marketing strategy. I complete my college work and I am also in charge of our information packs. These are posted to our potential clients to show off the quality of our work and what services we offer.

Anonymous: What’s next for you after you have completed your apprenticeship?

Lucy: Well once I pass all my exams I hope to be taken on by GRO as a junior marketer, that’s what I’m working towards at the moment and I am learning as much as I can so that when the time comes, I’m ready.

Anonymous: Thanks Lucy and good luck with your exams.

Lucy: Thanks.



Name: Lucy Mae Crow

Date of birth: 6th April 2000 (16)

Live: Anlaby, Hull

Likes: Being with her friends

Dislikes: People eating with their mouths open

Favourite foods: Nandos, Margarita Pizza and Cheesy Chip Wraps

Favourite animal: Sausage Dog