Psychology of Colour – Perception or Preference

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Colour is something that Marketers love to discuss, but how much influence does colour actually have on a brand?

Studies have revealed that our brains prefer immediately recognisable brands, which makes colour an important element of creating and building brand identity. The theory behind the psychology is that every colour has a meaning based on your experience and emotions. This allows customers to connect with a brand on a more personal level and helps establish a firmer and more memorable relationship.

Connotation is completely dependent on personal experience, which can make choosing an appropriate brand colour scheme appear difficult. However, while remembering that individual colours are subjective, they can also be unifying in many ways. For example, red can be seen as bright, fiery and bold that most people associate with heat. Therefore, this is a universal perception.

The difference between perception and preference occurs when you see red but don’t like it. You still may associate it with heat, fire, bold etc but you simply are not drawn to it. The psychology works to unite these two and suggests that all colours have a covert subtext that is recognisable to everyone, whether you like it or not.

Colour Image meaning

You have to work to find which colours fit your brand image. Why not try some split testing on your CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons and see if the red button is pressed more than the green one? This boosted conversion rates by 20% according to one particular study.

GRO makes sure that your brand reflects exactly who you are. We don’t decide branding on a whim, careful thought and time goes into the process of colour selection for every customer. The human brain is highly responsive when it comes to visual stimuli so every colour you use will impact your own customer’s conscious and subconscious.

With 90% of consumers making snap judgements about products based on colour, leave your branding to the professionals.