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Here at GRO, we love email marketing. We believe this gives your business a great opportunity to nudge potential and existing customers, share offers and send updates. Our email marketing specialists understand the importance of a strong subject line, targeted email content, solid ‘call to action’ buttons and everything else that makes an email campaign memorable.

Whether you’re looking to welcome new newsletter subscribers, make existing customers aware of an offer or sale or even get a message across internally to your employees, we can create a personalised campaign that delivers results.


Creative – Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing?

Digital marketing is all about nudging your potential and existing customers, no matter which stage of the buying journey they’re in. Whether you are B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer), we can help you reach your audience with monthly newsletters that marry up with the overall focus of your marketing.

Monthly email marketing campaigns are a great way to place your business in your customers’ minds and encourage them to take action, without constantly nagging them to make a purchase. While they are a fantastic tool for unique offers and announcements, newsletters can also be automated to thank a customer for their order or to welcome a new subscriber.

Email Marketing


Not sure if email marketing is for you? The proof is in the pudding, take a look at these stats.

41% of millennials check their work email in bed, before or after work.

Almost 42% of all email opens happen on mobile apps.

Emails with personalised subject lines see a 26% boost in open rates.

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