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GRO Insights

Do you know who visits your webpage? We do. GRO insights allow you to discover exactly who visits your website, providing you with an in-depth list of company names that you can use as a potential sales sourcing list. By tracking all traffic to your website, you can begin to learn what works and what doesn’t, and exactly what people are engaging with. Insights increase the effectiveness of a product/service as well as increase sales, providing a mutual benefit for your business.

What are Insights?

Many consider insights as data; however, they are much more than that. They begin as data which is filtered through layers of analysis and result as a directional agent of change, so in other words the Insight is the value obtained through the use of analytics. The insights gained are incredibly powerful and will help to grow your business, they can also identify areas of opportunity. For example, a negative mobile experience means people are 62% less likely to make a purchase, with the help of insights you can identify exactly what is wrong with your mobile site, preventing further loss for your company.

Why you should invest in Insights

Insights allow you to understand your customers, and in doing so you will make better decisions about how, when and what to sell. These better decisions will then result in campaigns or strategies which make your company more effective and more efficient, resulting in an increased profitability. Insights can encourage things like mailing campaigns, where you can send specific e-mails to chosen customers because they’ve expressed interest through insights, and with e-mail marketing yielding as much as 3,800% ROI (Return-On-Investment) for businesses, It’s worth it.

How to utilise Insights

It’s all well and good collecting customer data across key touchpoints, but are you using it appropriately? There are a variety of ways you can use insights to help better your company, for example insights on your customers and their behaviour & motivations provides a clear understanding of what matters most to consumers and enables your business to prioritise. To analyse customer insight, you must have these four components in place;

  •  Full access to clean, reliable (complete) data.
  •  The right tools to analyse the data
  • The skills to be able to interpret the data
  • The right technology to be able to act on the insights.

How can GRO help you?

We can provide you with the names of companies who have clicked onto your site, these analytics include total visitors, bounce rate and much more. We can also advise you on the best way to utilise this information and where to get the hottest leads for your business. At GRO we do things differently, and it’s important your insights are used efficiently. Our experts will send you recommendations to ensure you’re making the most of your B2B sales leads. You can even receive specialised reports to go in hand with your marketing strategies, after all they visited your website for a reason.

Insights are extremely significant when growing a business, a 2018 report found that insight driven organisations are growing 8X faster than the global GDP, this new league of high-performing companies are also growing 30% year-over-year. If you want to maintain the success of your business, insights are a great way forward.



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