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How to See Who Has Visited Your Website

Imagine if you could see who has been on your website? Well, with our service GRO Website Leads you can.

While it’s not possible to see specific people hitting your site, many people don’t realise that you can see specific companies hitting your site.

With the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic, these are uncertain times for many businesses, making it all the more important to be able to see who is interested in your products or services so that you can utilise them as a sales lead in the near future. One thing that we are certain about at GRO is that building up a potential sales list is now more crucial than ever to hit the ground running once things get back to normal.

If it’s business as usual for you, that’s even better, GRO Website Leads can help you easily identify leads you never even knew you had.

What is GRO Website Leads?

GRO Website Leads is a tool provided by us which tells you the names of the companies that have landed on your website, the date they visited your site, how many pages they viewed and the time they spent on your website.

We implement a tracking code into your website and give you a login to our GRO Website Leads online platform, where you can view all of your website visitors. Once you’re all set up, we’ll begin sending weekly reports if requested so that you can see a full overview of your website traffic rather than receiving real-time notifications.

Why Do You Need It?

Why wouldn’t you want to see who’s clicked onto your website? Most of your website visitors won’t contact you, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Identifying who they are provides you with a list of warm leads that you can start turning into future sales.

If you are a business driven by sales or have a dedicated sales team, this data is gold dust. If you know who your quality leads are, you’re saving time and money that would have been spent on cold-calling.

GRO Website Leads also has a feature called Trigger Settings. This allows you to set up certain ‘triggers’ to receive tailored notifications of activity on your website. For example, if you market to the construction industry, you may choose to set up a word trigger for ‘construction’ to be notified each time a company with ‘construction’ in their name lands on your site.

If you would like to learn more about GRO Website Leads, please contact us on 01482 333833 or at info@gro-marketing.co.uk – we’re still here to chat even if we are working from home!

As a CRO-driven digital marketing agency in Hull, we offer plenty of services to help you continue to thrive during these times, which you can see more of here.


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