Chrome 64 – Google Update Alert

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The newest chrome update (Chrome 64) allows users to mute auto-play websites, permanently preventing videos from following users up and down websites and finally putting a stop to adverts which are designed to trick users. It is set to bring an end to spam adverts online.

Chrome 64 is set to bring an array of new useful improvements, tweaks and features, forcing advertising online to be more discreet and evolve in more native ads. Spam sites which disguise their links as play buttons (or other site controls), transparent over-lays that launch into new tabs or windows, will now be prevented by a new and improved pop-up blocker. Instead of having to right-click on each open tab and select Mute in the menu, the new update will offer users a Mute site option.
This new feature will permanently remove auto-play audio and elaborate over the top banner ads, to help improve user experience online.
One of the 53 bug fixes will disable the Shared Array Buffer feature, this creates a browser which is vulnerable to the Meltdown and Spectre security bugs, (a vulnerability that if exploited, allows attackers to gain access to data previously considered completely protected) which were discovered by Intel earlier this month.
This new version on Chrome 64 is also set to support HDR (High Dynamic Range) video playback on windows. You will need to ensure you have the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update, a HDR-compatible graphics card and display to see the improvements.

Chrome 64 will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

How will your site be reviewed?

Violations of Chrome 64’s new ad standards will be reported via Google Ad Experience Report to site owners, providing evidence and descriptions of the ads experienced by users on your site. Once the violations have been addressed, the site can be re-submitted for review. Chrome will filter ads from your site if it receives a failing grade, by Ad Experience Report, for over 30 days.

What does this mean for the world of online advertising and marketing?

This will force marketers to finally address consumer feelings towards bad advertising. Allowing them to become more creative in building & designing advertisement experiences and remove the intrusive aspect of advertisements, which consumers simply find annoying. This is an opportunity for companies to better understand their target audience, and find a more efficient way to reach them.