How Google Analytics Can Be Used to Improve Your Website

google analytics

Google Analytics is a popular tool used to report and measure web traffic on your website. It is mostly used to analyse page activity, views, downloads, bounce rates and pinpoint where your web traffic is coming from.

It acts as a useful tool in creating, maintaining and re-developing websites. It can be used to identify which demographic your visitors belong to and allow you identify design flaws, thus making it valuable in the success of your business.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is extremely important. It is a metric which shows the number of visitors which did not interact with a web page after opening it.
If statistics show visitors navigating away from your site, this could mean there is a problem.
This may indicate the page needs to be optimized with more engaging content and call-to-actions (CTA).

Spotting Potential Markets

Google Analytics allows users to geographically breakdown traffic. This is useful if a business is looking to expand into new markets. It helps to identify which foreign countries have shown the most interest in your products or services.

Booming Content
Google Analytics helps you to understand how users navigate your site.  By identifying the pages which bring in the most traffic, you can gain a great insight into what content is most engaging. It enables businesses to create more content their users love.

Understand consumer behaviour

The ‘Behaviour Flow” tool offers visual diagrams which help you to understand your web visitors’ intent. This is done by analysing which pages they have interacted with and pages they ‘bounced’ off.  These features are useful when attempting to understand how users engage with your site and gain an insight on how your websites usability satisfies your customers

Examine Trends

Focusing on trending data is important, as there may be anomalies which affects results. For example, achieving ranking on a competitive term can affect how pages drop per session.

Uncover sources of traffic

Understanding where traffic is coming from (Organic or paid) can give your business an insight for future online marketing.
It demonstrates which marketing efforts are working, whether it be ads which are driving traffic or organic attempts such as blogs. It can help to evaluate what’s working for your business, and if money spent on social media is successful.

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