Automation in Marketing

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Automation in marketing refers the process of scheduling marketing actions to happen when a marketing professional isn’t there. Many businesses can benefit from areas of automated marketing, but how far should we trust this technology, does it still have the same effect with your customers?

Investing in bespoke marketing automation software can be very costly. To achieve effective results you should have system that is specifically designed around your needs. In many cases there are lots of upgrades needed for the software to take over certain jobs effectively.

Studies are finding that marketing automation is frequently not producing the results needed to justify the significant investment of time and money required. Due to the complex nature of these dashboards many Marketers don’t take full advantage.

To try and stand out against 200 junk emails that land in your inbox everyday Marketers thought personalisation was going to change the world of marketing forever. A couple of years on personalised marketing whilst it was a great idea with decent potential, studies have shown that a consumer is more likely to be put off or become frustrated with targeted personalised marketing.

With GDPR that came into effect as of May 2018, personalisation has again been called into question. Does a consumer have the right to refuse their personal information being used against them? Personalisation is a huge aspect of automated marketing, it allows businesses to send emails such as ‘abandoned basket reminders’ – this is classed as smart content. Don’t alienate your customers by throwing the marketing in their face. As mentioned previously in our blogs, it is all about nudge points and letting the customer know who you are so that when they are ready to buy they go to you.

Whilst most of the news and blogs that you read praise marketing automation for being a time saver, in fact how far can you save time and increase efficiency? After researching, understanding and planning your move to marketing automation comes the time to implement the new system. The world of marketing moves so quickly that by the time you have set up your automated solution you might have done the job yourself, yes it will make future jobs quicker but on the whole for the expense you may only be saving minutes. For example, if you want to automate an email marketing campaign you first have to design it, test it on all platforms, add your recipient list, send a test email, set up reporting, link it to your analytics and then the automation comes when you literally schedule to send. The process has to be managed by a marketing professional and then double checked once sent anyway.

We believe the power of automation has a specific time and place. As an agency our aim is to reduce the time you spend on marketing and increase your sales. We take over the process as much or as little as required. If you have specific requirements you can liaise with our competent team at your convenience. Marketing automation whilst being a nice idea, doesn’t allow itself to scale down to the average UK business size. Our clients can rest safe in the knowledge their marketing is in the hands of professionals that are trained in all areas of marketing expertise.