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The SEO audit is very important in an SEO Campaign. This is because our SEO team need to fully analyse your website in-depth and make the decision as to whether the site is SEO compliant.

What type of websites are not compliant for SEO?

Poor website speed, SEO unfriendly content, no website security and having a lack of pages on your site, the list goes on!


SEO – Audit

SEO Report.

In the SEO Report, you will be sent the keywords we have optimised for that month. We analyse which keywords are performing well and use this information to decide which words to optimise. We will also send over a section named “Other” which includes what we may have optimised on your Google Business page, technical SEO and any images that have been optimised on your site.

When sending reports, we show “Actual Keyword” ranking results, this features the previous keywords from the past three months and shows if they are ranking for example, on page 1 number 1 on Google. We also provide recommendations from our extensive research in the industry field of your business. This is a great way to improve the visibility of your business and we can see what is regularly been used via social platforms and website content.


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