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Email Marketing

To stand out in a world where we are inundated with marketing emails, you must ensure your marketing campaigns are relevant and timely. Email marketing is a direct communication that can easily target specific audiences, be personalised & automated and measured with full insight & detailed reports.

Email marketing is alive and kicking. Nearly 78% of all consumers rank email marketing as their preferred communication platform.

There are 3 stages of email marketing.








An email marketing campaign is nothing without a well-maintained list of opted-in contacts to send your information/updates to. Don’t have that data? Don’t worry. We’re experts at lead generation, meaning we can help you to build a database of contacts/customers that will respond positively to your marketing campaigns.


Plan out what message you would like to put across to your customers, maybe you have a sale on or have just updated your website? We can help plan your message so that your email falls in line with your current marketing campaign.


Looking back at previous campaigns, what time of the day do you get the most opens, responses or click-throughs? Timing can be key for a great email campaign. Send the right email at the wrong time and you could end up in the deleted folder with no opens.


Where are you directing your customers to? Pushing them to your sale or directing them to read one of your news updates? Using Google Analytics we can help you to discover what pages work best as email links.


Email marketing is a non-invasive way to nudge your customers. Even if they don’t click through and buy from you in the first instance, you are setting up a relationship with the customers to build brand trust and awareness.


Once you have planned out your campaign you can create the content and design the visual.



There is a lot to consider when we design and build an email campaign for our clients. A consumer’s first interaction with a brand may be through this email campaign, so you need to consider first impressions and how it will look on multiple devices. You should have one key message and one goal to focus on for every email, this helps when designing any email.


Creating unique content for your email campaign is crucial for your customer engagement. You must provide the recipient with useful and relevant information to capture their attention.

Design and Build

Every email you send out is a touch point for your brand, this means every email should be visually appealing and encourage customer engagement. We create your campaigns using your brand style and tone of voice. Pairing striking imagery with dynamic content.

Responsive Design

Your email could be opened anytime, anywhere. Having a responsive design ensures that your customer can receive your message across all devices. All of our emails are HTML coded as standard, meaning they render on different sized devices, such as iPad or Desktop correctly.



Every email campaign should be driven by results. We dive into the analysis to let you know exactly what worked, what didn’t, and how much engagement each campaign received. Expect thorough, accurate reporting that gives you all the insights your business needs.

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