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When developing a website our specialists use site maps to show you how your site would work and navigate. The site map will also show the type of experience your site visitors would have whilst browsing through your website. When developing a website, SEO is always in mind and our specialists place various required elements of SEO into your website, through favicons, meta information and tagging. SEO is an important factor when developing a website in order to draw organic traffic to your site and to reach page 1 on Google. Our developers ensure that your site will be both suitable for mobile, desktop and tablet. More and more people are accessing websites via mobile devices and it’s important for us to make sure you stay engaged with your customers and give them the best user experience.


Website – Development
Sprint One

If you have an existing website, we will create a sitemap and function flow that shows how your existing site works. Once we’ve discussed this sitemap and you have helped us fill in any gaps, we will build a new sitemap which takes into account your existing structure but improves it to make your website as easy as possible for visitors to navigate.

Sprint Two

Now we will start placing the various elements required for SEO, including favicons, meta information and any tagging needed. We will also make any suggested changes and package the site for launch. The last link we will provide will be launch ready and a final launch date will be set.

Sprint Three

We will have asked you for information regarding your current hosting environment, domains and any other details we need. We will confirm these with you and set up your account on our secure servers. A launch plan will be created, which will confirm the date of your launch so we can begin creating a buzz around it.


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