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Content is king, not so long ago SEO and content were separate but they are quickly becoming one.

The point of content marketing is to be engaging and to stimulate the customer to buy. It is absolutely key that you have a content marketing strategy that is clear and structured.

This could be along the lines of personalising your company story and being more creative with your content. How you present your content can take many forms:

Website news
Social media
Relevant content updates

Content marketing is absolute key and becoming a more popular way to build relationships.

Content marketing isn't about selling it's about trust, loyalty and adds value to your brand.

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User generated content:

Customers themselves create content for you, people want to know about a product, brand, service etc. Over 70% of consumer's regard consumer written content higher.

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Are you a storyteller?

Interactive storytelling is a thing.
Present your content with images, infographics, videos and much more.

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Break your content into parts:

Keep your audience engaged by having breaks in-between.

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Relevant, top quality content is key to performing well in search engines.

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Content marketing can have a huge impact on brand awareness.

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Social Media:

It has become more and more popular, it reinforces your brand and you can reach customers. Social media is also an important part of the marketing mix.

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