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In an age where group chats, Zoom calls and online messaging is the new norm, and sometimes our sole way to communicate not only with friends and family but with brands too, Google is taking advantage of the power of online messaging.

In March, Google My Business will make a new messaging function available to all desktop users. If you’re a Google My Business account holder, which you should be for the benefit of your Local SEO, you’ll have the option to opt into messaging. From then on, Google users will be able to send your business a message right from the Google search results. Your brand’s initial response can be an automated message, and anyone who runs your Google My Business account can then chat with potential customers and answer any queries they have. You should view it as another way to increase your customer service and potentially gain their custom.

Although this feature is a fantastic way to connect with potential customers, Google states that you must respond to messages within 24 hours or your messaging tool access may be revoked and you’ll need to go through the opt-in process again.

As an SEO agency, we’re eager to see how Google My Business’s new messaging feature will impact SEO, particularly on a local scale. If you’re new to SEO and need a hand with the basics, get in touch with our SEO specialists in Hull on 01482 333833. We love a good old chat, but you can also catch us on email at