Grosvenor Group

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What We Do

We designed, developed and currently host Grosvenor Group website ensuring it is secure with Cloudflare protection.


In 2016 Grosvenor Group joined forces with GRO Marketing to establish an improved online presence, channeled correctly and would reflect the size of the company; showing how they are an international business. Our team here at GRO did exactly that and now Grosvenor Group’s online presence is better than ever. Our specialist team here at GRO still continue to host Grosvenor Group’s site, ensuring there is no threat to the security of the website and we are on hand for advice and technical support.


We design and developed an E-commerce website for Grosvenor Group to house over one thousand products to their customers online. The site was designed to allow our client to make amends, updates, add new content and products. GRO provided this training to Grosvenor Group, ensuring they were completely in the know with how their website works.


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