Hull East Yorkshire's Photography Locations | Marketing Hull

Whether you’re an experienced professional photographer or a passionate amateur, rest assured that there is a photography location on this list that will pique your interest and cater to your skills. Here are a few locations that the GRO team particularly enjoy visiting:

The Humber Bridge: Stand in awe of the iconic Humber Bridge, one of the world’s longest suspension bridges. Capture breathtaking views of its impressive architecture and the surrounding estuary.


Under the Humber Bridge, Hull showcasing the reflective water.

Hull Marina: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Hull Marina, a bustling waterfront location. Photograph the elegant beauty of docked boats, yachts, and the stunning reflections dancing on the water’s surface.

A bridge in Hull being reflected in the marina waters.


The Deep: Descend into the depths of The Deep, an award-winning aquarium in Hull. Photograph mesmerising marine life, including sharks, rays, and colourful coral reefs, providing endless opportunities for marine photography.

The Deep, Hull behind a damp pier.


Street Art in Humber Street: Explore the dynamic street art scene in Humber Street, Hull’s Fruit Market area. Be inspired by the vibrant murals, graffiti, and eclectic designs that adorn the walls, capturing the city’s artistic spirit.

Graffiti that reads "Change is happening".



Hull Minster: Step back in time at Hull Minster, a magnificent piece of architecture. Shoot the intricate details of its exterior and the ethereal beauty of the stained glass windows within.

Hull minster on a sunny, blue day.


Spurn Point: Take the trip to East Yorkshire’s dramatic coastline and photograph the mesmerising Spurn Point. This ever-changing spit of land, shaped by the forces of nature, offers captivating landscapes, dunes, and wildlife, providing an excellent opportunity for nature and landscape photography.

Under a bridge on a beech while there's a large boat at sea.

Yorkshire Wolds: The hills and scenic beauty of the Yorkshire Wolds offer quite a spectacular view. Photograph the idyllic countryside, quaint villages, and expansive views, allowing your lens to encapsulate the essence of rural charm.

A stone path leading through green farm land.


Flamborough Head: Witness the raw beauty of Flamborough Head, a dramatic chalk headland along the Yorkshire coast. Photograph towering cliffs, secluded beaches, and the famous lighthouse, all framed by the vast expanse of the North Sea.

The white cliffs at Flamborough Head surrounded by blue waters.


Beverley Westwood: Whether you’re seeking expansive landscapes, capturing wildlife, or exploring historic sites, Beverley Westwood offers a diverse range of subjects to inspire your photography endeavours.

Golfer on the putting green at Beverley Westwood.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, if you end up visiting any of these locations with your camera then please send your images to us via email on we’d love to see them!