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It’s that time again when Apple releases a new update that keeps our iPhones fresh. We’ve had some good iOS updates and some pretty lackluster ones too. Hopefully iOS 16 will introduce some features that change the whole dynamic of our digital world… let’s see.

Lock Screen Customisation

The Lock screen has been updated to match the new look of iOS 16. You can now change the color and font of your lock screen, as well as add widgets for keeping an eye on the weather or view your activity rings. Customize your lock screen with multiple themes for different occasions.

Notifications in iOS 16 can now display on your lock screen with new animations for a more visually pleasing Lock Screen. Not only are there new animations, but you can also choose from a list view, stack view and count view, and change the look whenever you feel.

Battery percentage is back!

For iPhone users, the removal of the battery percentage indicator from the top of their devices’ screens in 2017 was a source of consternation. But you’ll be happy to know it’s back so you can get battery life anxiety once again!

Haptic Keyboard

In iOS 16, Apple will finally provide haptic feedback on the iPhone keyboard. The Taptic Engine will produce a little “tick” feeling when you touch a key on the keyboard. Sometimes the little features are the best, right Apple?


You can now save morning after embarrassment after sending a text message while you were a little tipsy thanks to Apple. You can do the following to your messages. 1) edit 2) unsend messages after they’re sent, and 3) mark any thread as Unread. Hallelujah!

Apple pay

Possibly the most controversial introduction is ‘Apple Pay Later’. It’s a method of paying for a service or product in four equal payments over six weeks, available initially in the US only. This is very similar to the App Klarna but it’s pretty cool now you can do it straight through Apple.

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