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New Decade, New Trends

With the new decade beginning, there are many predictions and trends to explore for the next 10 years. With 42% of UK businesses outsourcing for their marketing we are making sure we stay ahead and up to date with the latest trends.

Social Media Behaviour

With the year changing so is the level of privacy and security, these features are being heightened to protect user-information. With social media still on the rise there are always new platforms popping up however they are not using ad-based content because they want to stand out from Facebook and Twitter. As the internet is working towards the replacement of TV and newspapers, more people are turning to social media for their news, so more articles are getting shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Design Trends

Each year there are new trends for design, so we’re keeping up with them. The use of abstract illustrations is becoming more popular especially on many blogs and websites, so say goodbye to straight lines. Lots of people are voting towards the minimalistic look particularly in website design. The decluttering of websites and breaking them down to a simple and basic look is on the rise.

SEO Trends

The biggest trend of the new decade for SEO is greater success in user experience, this includes technical SEO with the site and page speed. To survive in the next decade, you should start considering Mobile SEO, this can be done by building sites mobile-first and then making them responsive for desktop and other devices.

We are excited to see how the trends might shift through the next 10 years. Need some help with working on these trends feel free to browse our website or give us a call on 01482 333833.


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GRO Marketing have been a great help to our web marketing efforts over the past year. They have done an excellent job working on our SEO and have increased both our web traffic and rankings for keywords on Google.

Paul Donoghue

Grosvenor Group

Couldn't be more happier with the service that GRO Marketing have supplied us with. From our new website to social media, SEO and Email marketing, we could not fault a single thing. Our Account Manager Lucy couldn't be more helpful and in our monthly meetings she is always keeping us up to date with what new ideas and how to keep the marketing moving in an electronics industry. We couldn't thank the GRO Team enough and i would recommend everyone to use this amazing company!


Colour Tone Masterbatch Ltd

Worked with us from start to finish on a video animation, the results of which we are very pleased with.

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Enthusiastic, dedicated & professional team. I use GRO for my website SEO, and blog post support. Rachel and Lisa understand the importance of their service to our business, they go beyond their "duties" to ensure they are providing me with the best possible results.

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Friendly and helpful staff with excellent knowledge. A pleasure to work with.

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Love working with GRO, they always deliver on time and take time to fully understand the needs of the client. Highly recommend.