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Google’s updated responsive search ads pave the way for a new generation of online marketing adverts through search engines. This new ad format offers a more dynamic setting for advertisers to engage their audience.

The general format of these new ads allows the user to set up one advert with multiple headings and varying descriptions. Google will then test the combinations to see which ad works the best. Assets can be shown in any order, so make sure that they make sense individually or in multiple combinations. It will then only select the combination deemed most likely to achieve your advertising goal. If you have a particular section of text that you would like to appear in every ad combination, then you can pin it to either the headlines or description.

Already in September we have seen this type of advertising roll out to more advertisers, making this development more accessible to Marketers. Responsive search ads give you more allowance to convey your brand message and increase engagement. You can now add up to 3 headlines and a second description, plus descriptions can now increase up to 90 characters. Google have stated that ‘Responsive search ads will learn and improve over time’, this new type of dynamic advertising appears to be the next big shift in the world of Adwords.

We are excited about the new changes to the Google advertising landscape. Keep up to date with our news pages to hear all about the latest updates for Marketers.