Significant Google SEO Updates Since 2019 | SEO Company Hull

BERT (2019)

BERT was Google’s most significant algorithm update for some time, impacting approximately 10% of search queries. Essentially, BERT was a program integrated into Google’s search engine, enabling the processing of more natural search queries. Unlike previous methods that considered only individual words, BERT allows the search engine to comprehend entire phrases, enhancing its ability to understand context and deliver more relevant search results.


Product Reviews Update (2021)

This search ranking algorithm update was designed to reward “product reviews that shared in-depth research, rather than thin content that simply summarised a bunch of products.”


Page Experience Update (2021)

Google officially announced the commencement of its highly anticipated Page Experience update. According to Google, websites should not have anticipated significant alterations as a direct consequence of this update. Any unexpected decreases or increases in performance should be alleviated due to the gradual implementation process. The update was scheduled to finish by the end of August 2021.


Helpful Content Update (2022)

The 2022 content update, known as “Helpful Content Update,” is a comprehensive global update that extends its impact beyond the English language. This update aims to enhance Google’s systems in identifying various types of low-quality content designed specifically for search engines rather than catering to human readers.


Link Spam Update (2022)

This Google algorithm update was designed to address the issue of spammy links that violate Google’s guidelines. The purpose of this update is to negate the impact of such links by either discounting their value or completely disregarding them. Google stated that as part of this update, the influence or authority passed on by these unnatural links will be nullified, and there may be changes in the way spammy links are handled.


February Product Reviews Update (2023)

Google unveiled the introduction of the Product Reviews Update for February 2023. The update, which lasted from February 21st to March 18th, was successfully implemented by Google. This enhancement affected various languages worldwide. If your site offers product reviews then you will have to go into a lot of detail and make the content original and unique to stand out from the crowd.


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