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The world of the web continues to evolve beyond our imagination, but are we all keeping up to date with the trends of website design? Having a website that stands out from the crowd is crucial in this day and age, as 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.
So, how can you make your website different? Here are just a few website trends that people are going crazy over this year.

Dark Mode
Since Apple introduced dark mode in their IOS 13 update, people have gone mad over the grey background. Applying dark mode into your website design will make it look ultra-modern and sleek, to make your website go the extra mile apply a bright neon colour graphic over a dark colour scheme, as it gives the website more character and life. Not only does this website design trend make your website look the part, it was also proven in a study in 2017 that dark characters on light background lead to better legibility.

Oversized Text
Companies are using large prominent text on their websites to be able to get their message across to customers quicker. Oversized text works well on all devices from desktop to mobile, as it stands out when placed on a minimalistic background with a use of contrasting colours. However, oversized text does serve more of a purpose than just being visually appealing as it can be used in a way of expressing the personality of the company.

3D Artwork
3D elements have always grabbed people’s attention, they allow you to create a scene of realism. Although this trend isn’t new, it is now being used more widely as 3D modelling programs are becoming more accessible now than they’ve previously been.
Not only is 3D Artwork eye-catching, it is also a great way for users to be able to interact with your website. By merging music and visuals together it allows you to bring your product to life right in front of the customers eyes, taking the customers experience to another level.

It is a well-known fact that our eyes almost instantaneously react towards any moving elements, so why not use this to your advantage? To use this website trend to its full potential you need to think about where you are aiming to draw your customers attention to, without distracting the user from the information you are directing them towards. When adding motion into your website you can let your imagination run wild, from animations that appear when you click or hover on a visual, to text that glides across the screen as you scroll further down the page.

Neon Colour Schemes
Colour is one of the most powerful tools in website design and neon colours always demand users attention, it’s in their nature. But neon colours aren’t only in fashion right now when it comes to clothing, they’re also hitting the website design trend scene too. Adding a neon colour into your website design will give it an electrifying refresh, paired with a darker coloured background the neon will instantly catch eyes. With dark mode on the rise, adding a neon colour into the mix will make a real stir.

Mixing Photography with Graphics
Overlapping graphics on top of photos makes an image more memorable than when it’s on its own. When it comes to this trend’s flexibility, the options you have are endless. Make sure it stays in sync with your brands personality, as the style of the graphic can determine how people interpret the photography. When you are layering up your photography and graphics remember to have fun with it. This trend is a way of adding depth into our 2D screens, you can use this as a spin-off of the 3D artwork trend.

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