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As we move into the decade it is more important than ever to make sure your online presence is a true representation of your companies brand, this includes keeping your website up to date with the latest website design trends. These are just a few of our favourite website design trends in 2020.

3D Visuals

Using 3D elements within a website has become a great way to catch a user’s attention and keep them on your site for longer. Visual elements visually break down the limitations between digital webspace and reality.

Oversized Typography

By using oversized typography on a simplistic design, you remove the unnecessary details that crowd and confuse users, with a sleek design and maxi typography you can make a bolder stronger statement.

Split Screen Content

Split-screen content is a great way of conveying your ideas but in an organised uncluttered way. By splitting your screen down the middle, you allow each side the chance to shine. Breaking the rectangular mould of classic websites, you create an interesting captivating website design.

Micro Interactions

A relatively new phenomenon, micro-interactions are small design elements intended to make a website feel more humanised. As we step away from templated web design more interactive humanised design is a fantastic way to interest your audience.


Whitespace, also known as negative space gives any website a spacious well-balanced feel. Using whitespace can increase legibility, separate independent sections or design elements and highlights the most important aspects of a page.

With your online presence becoming such an important aspect of your business it is important that your website is fresh and up to date, not only allowing users to have a more enjoyable experience but also boosting your SEO strategy. We can help you improve your website and your SEO strategy, contact us on 01482 333 833 to find out what we can do for you.