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There are many search engines now that the world can access whether that’s Yahoo, Bing or duck duck go. However, I think we can all agree that the search engine we all prefer to use is Google. Google is the king when it comes to search engines, therefore it’s vital for SEO companies to understand their complex algorithms.

So why do Google keep changing their algorithms?

Google are pushing to deliver the best answers to their users. That’s why they are constantly changing their algorithm to push webmasters to create better sites, experiences and content. Google don’t just change things to play around with the world of SEO. They do it because they’ve learned how to provide a better experience for their users. It can be frustrating when Google change their algorithm as you may see your rankings drop, however there are ways that you can stay up to date. There are many websites out there that will provide info on what Google wants websites to do, whether that’s mobile-first optimisation or just general site speed checks. There are countless ways to stay ahead of the game!

Our SEO and Web development team are constantly staying up to date with what Google are going to do next. If you want to keep up with the trends we recommend you follow our social channels as we will post any drastic algorithm changes there.

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