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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tracking tool that creates an easy way of viewing the in-depth statistics of your website. You can view sessions by the country of which your users are located, or you can view your website users by time of the day of which they’re active on your site. Google Analytics will offer literally anything you would like to view in depth. The tool allows you to track websites, blogs and social networks. What makes analytics so popular is the way in which it is possible to combine Analytics with other Google softwares such as YouTube and AdWords. This tracking tool from Google shows you how many people use your website while also providing information about those who use it. This is imperative for those who work in the marketing industry as viewing website stats is a daily occurrence.

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics tracks all of its data by a unique tracking code that you install on every page of your website. This code is a snippet of javascript, or a coding language, that runs in the viewers’ browser when they visit your pages. The code tracks all kinds of viewer data like the time of their session for example. When the viewer exits your website all the information tracked about the user is then sent to the Google Analytics server.

What does Google Analytics do?

Google Analytics measures real time performance and the past performance of your website. This is important for tracking the progress you are making as a company. Google Analytics also…

  • Tracks audience
  • Tracks active users
  • Measures your revenue made
  • Measures analytics to a time period to suit your needs
  • And much more

What data is available on Google Analytics?

Real time – The real-time report brings live information being who is on your site and what they are doing. This is specifically good if you’re running a sale and want to see the amount of people your sale is attracting, or for viewing the popularity of your campaigns.

User Behavior Data – what visitors are doing on your website. This includes: page views, bounce rate, session time and more. This is important as you can see what is working successfully on your website while also seeing what isn’t working. You can then use this data to make calculated changes to increase page views and lower bounce rate etc.

Audience Data – breaks down the website traffic, age, device and more. This is important as you can view what people are your audience demographic. The information in audience data can allow you to make changes in your website to target your audience more effectively. An example of this would be if you have a younger audience viewing your content then you would alter the way in which your blogs would read and how long they are.

Acquisition Data – how you get website traffic. With acquisition data you can see how traffic arrives to your site. For example, either from social, organic search or paid search (PPC). This provides a quick and easy way to see how your top channels are performing.

Conversions – The conversion section on Google Analytics is all about understanding the end result of what the visitor has done on your website. For example, if your main goal is for the visitor to fill out a form, then you can see the rate of people who complete this particular goal.


Why is Google Analytics an important tool for Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an industry that is constantly growing in popularity as more companies around the world are investing their money into marketing. Measuring website traffic results are crucial for the progression of a companies marketing strategy. The results you get from Google Analytics sends you down a path of constant progress. There is always something that could be improved when it comes to your traffic. Therefore, you should think of ideas on how to improve certain results. The feedback given by Google Analytics will help you grow as a business as you will see ROI (return on marketing investment) coming into play. This is because the money you have spent on marketing will bring you the rewards of seeing new customers coming to your website and gaining more sales.

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