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Here at GRO, we work through a six-phase process from start to finish on every website we design, ensuring that your site is delivered on time, within budget and to your satisfaction. We are the website design specialists of Hull.

Here are 5 website design trends 

Cursor Effects

These are small but effective trends that enhance the user experience. You may add playful animation to encourage more time spent on your site by floating users’ cursors. Typically, animated cursors do positively impact bounce rate so it maybe something to consider for your next redesign?

Flat designs

Keeping it simple is still key – Flat design minimalism has been brought into the spotlight recently. This trend, which uses basic geometric forms and a monochromatic colour palette, tends to load quicker than other types of websites because it doesn’t have as many complex shapes or decorations. Who doesn’t want their site to load faster? We know Google loves a quick loading site, so it’s maybe time to switch to a flat design now.

White space

This is similar to the last point, but white space is still ‘the in thing’. When web designers use white space on a website, it serves as a break in the page’s content and improves readability. White space is useful in single-page, dynamically scrolling layouts because it allows the eye to rest before moving on. It is also helpful for conveying information quickly.

Also – white space doesn’t mean white, you can use any shade as long as it’s dead space.

Large Imagery

Designers should follow current UI design trends and merge real-world images with imaginary ones to create attractive, imaginative images. Remember that there is no limit to the imagination.

If you have taken some images why not edit them and add a bit of personality to them?


Since the pandemic, the use of chatbots has risen drastically. We can’t stress enough how important it is to UX that you can answer or help anyone that’s currently scrolling through your site. You can integrate an enquiry form that will do the same thing, it’s just not as live as a chat box.

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