Behavioural Targetting Marketing | Social Media Agency Hull

You may be familiar with Social Ads and PPC and how integral they are to CRO (conversion rate optimisation) marketing, but how well do you know behavioural targeting?

Behavioural targeting is a method used on online advertising to display relevant ads to users based on personalised data and browsing habits such as:

  • Search Terms
  • Sites Previously Visited
  • Recent Purchases

This form of paid marketing can improve campaign effectiveness and encourage more potential customers to convert. For example, if a customer has browsed for one of your products and hasn’t made a purchase, we can show the customer more ads for that product across Google’s advertising network to win them back – similar to the effect of sending abandoned shopping cart emails when somebody leaves an item in their cart.

As a Social Media Company in Hull, we specialise in targeting specific audiences with Google Ads and we can use Google’s information about a person’s interests, intent and demographics to your advantage to gain you more conversions.

Why is this important? It’s quite simple really, the more you know about your target audience, the better you can advertise to them. The better your ads are, the higher the chance of a conversion – whether that conversion is a phone call or a purchase.

Behavioural targeting is also nothing new to Social Ads. When managing your Facebook campaigns, our social media experts target detailed behaviours including:-

  • Interests
  • Age, location and gender demographics
  • Shopping habits
  • Travelling habits
  • Small business owners and page admins (for targeting other businesses for B2B services)
  • We can even target people using a particular operating system or brand of mobile phone.

Targeting ads to certain behaviours and interests helps us find the right audience to put your products and services in front of, in turn increasing clicks and sales.

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