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It’s difficult for a company to succeed without a marketing strategy. Marketing is the means to acquire the best possible return on investment. When we create a marketing strategy, it doesn’t end there, with the digital world constantly changing it’s important you DEVELOP your campaign to keep up to date and on top of the latest trends.

Whether you have grown with us from the start or you’re looking for a new agency to DEVELOP your brand, at GRO we have the expert marketing solutions to help your business thrive.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is currently the number 1 social platform, with an impressive 41% of it’s users being over the age of 65. With statistics like this, it is extremely important to DEVELOP your business in order to attain your desired target audience. If for example your consumers consisted mainly of younger people, perhaps aged 19-30, other apps such as Instagram would be a better fit.

Social media platforms are forever changing with constant updates, that’s why it’s vital you DEVELOP your marketing strategy in order to keep up with your consumers.

Video & Animation

With 93% of businesses declaring that video & animation has increased user understanding of their product & services, it’s extremely important you take a look at animation and decide whether this could be something for you. You can convey important information & capture a lot of your brand’s personality with a video, so feel free to drop us a message if you require some more info.


You may be comfortable with where your business is currently ranking, however if you are not up to date with recent updates your business can potentially suffer. As an SEO agency within Hull, we provide up to date solutions to ensure your company are reaping the rewards.

Trends such as mobile optimisation, voice search & local search have already made a huge impact in 2019. If your business hasn’t already adapted or considered either of these options, then you could be hugely limiting yourself.

It’s great when a business finally has a successful marketing strategy, however it is vital you are always on the lookout for the latest trends & updates within the marketing world. It’s important you constantly DEVELOP your marketing campaign in order to keep on top of your game and ahead of competitors.

As SEO & Web Design specialists based in the City of Hull, we provide expert marketing solutions. For more information feel free to browse through the rest of our website or to speak to a member of the team call us on 01482 333 833.