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Organic SEO

Did you know?

You are 71% more likely to get a click if you are on the first page of Google organically , this drops to 4-6% on page 2.

A successful organic SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign combines strong technical and on-page SEO with a solid SEO backlink and content strategy. Our SEO experts will work on all areas to make sure your website ranks well on the SERPs (search engine results) and ultimately drives traffic to your website.

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Technical SEO

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to emphasise usability, accessibility and quality on websites, only the sites that comply with these updates will be favoured on the SERPs. Our technical SEO covers everything listed below. Remember it is not enough to work on technical in isolation, you should work on all areas of SEO to achieve a well-balanced campaign and ultimately rank higher than competitors in the search results page.

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Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors within SEO. You have better chances of ranking well in the organic SERPs if your backlink profile is strong. However, if your backlink profile is weak or has been targeted by Black Hat SEO Tactics, then your website will perform poorly in SERPS and could result in Google penalties.

Content Marketing (Rich Snippets)

Good content marketing will drive your SEO campaign, increasing the traffic to your website and ultimately will help you become an authority within our industry. Brands who do content marketing well enjoy the benefits of increased traffic, better quality leads, improved brand awareness and customer loyalty. Our content marketing strategy drives your SEO campaign through using SEO rich keywords.

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Competitor Analysis

We analyse the landscape and measure your competition so that we can understand your market from a digital perspective. This allows us to benchmark you against your competitors and provide you with a clear view of opportunities. Having this knowledge allows us to work with you in building the right SEO strategy for your business in order to succeed in today’s competitive search.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the heart of any SEO strategy. Keyword research can either be the making of a great campaign or the downfall of a bad one. If you perform your research incorrectly you could be optimising your website for the wrong keywords, thus getting minimal traffic leads to your website. Our keyword research analyses short-tail and long tail queries, search demand/traffic and relevancy.

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How do we know if our SEO is working? Reporting is a key part of the overall SEO strategy as it allows us to understand if what we do works, how your website ranks and what could be improved. Monthly reports include; SEO On-page, Keywords Spreadsheet, Google Analytics, Competitor Analysis, Domain Analysis and SEO Overview.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It literally means making sure Google, or any search engine, understand the content of your website so that it can make you appear in relation to a search. For example, if you have a website about marketing, and someone searches for marketing services, you should appear on page one. Try it, search for ‘Marketing Company Hull’, we appear on page one.

Do you want to increase sales of your products and services? Yes. SEO allows you to rank organically on Google for your keywords. 78% of clicks go to websites on the first page of the search engine, make sure yours is on there. More hits to the website, means more potential customers seeing your business.

Within 3-6 months. SEO should be considered as a long-term solution. The time it takes to experience an uplift in traffic and performance can depend on your starting point. For example, has your website been built for SEO purposes? Does it experience technical barriers and obstacles? Does it contain keyword rich content?

No, not really. We charge competitive prices to work on getting your website to rank naturally for your products or services. Enquire above to receive your quote.

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