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SEO-Friendly Website Design

Our digital marketing agency in Hull specialises in website design, development and hosting, and everything we do is SEO-friendly.

But what is an SEO-friendly website? It’s the practice of designing your website to be fully accessible and index-able by search engines like Google. Google accounts for over 90% of global organic search traffic and it has several ranking factors that decide where your website places in the search results. It’s important that your website complies with these ranking factors in order to rank highly, meaning when people search for your products/services they’ll be able to find your website easily on page one of Google.

Being an SEO specialist in Hull, we know the ins and outs of SEO optimisation and every website we build is SEO-compliant to ensure your business can get the most out of it. Here are just a few of the things we do to optimise our websites ready for a successful launch.

Bespoke Templates
When we say templates, we don’t mean an ‘off-the-shelf’ drag and drop design. We mean completely tailored to you, fully coded website pages that you won’t see anywhere else on the internet. Prebuilt templated websites are often not optimised for SEO, however our bespoke designs are fully optimised to help your SEO ranking.

URL Structure
Whether you are starting from scratch or already have an existing website, our web designers make sure your URL structure is as simple as possible and each URL contains relevant SEO keywords. This helps Google understand and index your site more easily, and therefore rank higher.

Mobile First Design
If you’re reading this on a computer, try dragging your browser tab to different sizes and you’ll notice that our website design automatically resizes – this is known as responsive web design. If you’re reading this on mobile you’ll see that our website automatically fits your screen, and this is mobile first design.

This is a huge ranking factor for Google as they want their users to have a positive browsing experience, especially as 63% of all web traffic now comes from a mobile device. All of our websites are designed with ‘mobile first’ responsiveness in mind to ensure they comply.

SEO-Friendly Content
When designing your website, we’ll work alongside you on content procurement. For the best SEO optimisation, website content should use relevant SEO keywords for your industry and be informative for your users. The types of SEO content include blog posts, pillar content , guides, infographics and articles – all of which our marketing company can take care of for you.

Thinking of getting a new website? Get in touch with us on 01482 333833 or for more information on our process.