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Many people prioritize quantity over quality because they think that publishing a short blog every day or week is going to help them rank better on the SERPs. Sadly, this is not the case, Google looks for high-quality user first content, so churning out as many as possible is not going to impress search engine bots.

Pillar content

is content that provides a complete answer to any questions or queries your users may have on a specific topic or theme. This topic can then be broken down into sub-topics that connect and link back to your main topic. These topics should include long and short tail keywords to help with your SEO strategy.

What Are the Benefits of Pillar Content?

Pillar content is designed to add value by providing users with the information they are looking for all in one place. Here are a few benefits of using pillar content.

  • Improve internal links and backlinks

By linking each pillar page internally and externally you are building a strong link strategy.

  •  Improves user experience

Not only does pillar content solve a problem for your users, but it also helps in building a better user experience on your site.

  • Decreases bounce rate

If your users are finding what they need as soon as they go to your website, they won’t need to go back to the search page to find another article/source.

  • Users spend more time on your website

Because pillar content has such a wide scope, users will spend more time reading and finding information about the subject in more detail.

  • Boosts SEO and overall ranking on the SERPs

Your substantive pillar content, high word count, backlinks and internal links will all contribute to improving your SEO and ranking on the SERPs.

Types of Pillar Content

There are many different styles and types of content you can produce or include within your pillar content. All to solve a user’s problem or query. Different types of pillar content include:

Resource Pillar Content

A resource pillar page is a tool for users to find a range of information, external and internal links all relevant to the main topic. This is a great way to build and benefit from external and internal links.

10X Pillar Content

This type of content is a single blog/page that goes into detail about every aspect of a specific topic. It provides a solution and covers your topic in a detailed way no one has done before.

How To Present Your Pillar Content

What is the best way to present your content and catch their attention in an interesting informative way? Here are some different types of ways you can present your work to interest your reader.

  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Ebooks/PDFs
  • Reports
  • Quiz
  • Guides

Having an exciting format for your content is what keeps your reader engaged and entertained.

Overall, even though pillar content takes longer to produce than a short snackable blog post it will help create a stronger foundation for your websites SEO strategy while also bringing valuable traffic to your website. Want to know more about Improving your content and SEO strategy? Get in touch, contact us on 01482 333 833.