Is BeReal Big Social Platform? | Social Media Agency Hull

Let’s ‘BeReal’ there are countless failed social media platforms that have tried dominating the global networking world. Vine, Google+ and Myspace to name a few all gave their best shot at creating a successful social platform but unfortunately, they failed.

Very recently our team became aware of a new platform – BeReal. With the newcomer growing in popularity daily we felt it was the perfect topic for one of GRO’s monthly blogs.

What is BeReal?

The app notifies all of its users that it’s time to take a photo using both your front and back camera on your phone. Whether you’re mid workout or in bed being lazy. It doesn’t matter – it’s all about being real, none of that glamorised stuff like what you’ll find on Instagram. You have two minutes to post, and if you’re late, all of your friends are notified, so they know you maybe aren’t being as real as you should be when you upload your daily picture.

What time of day do you post?

It’s completely random, the app developers thought if they preset a time everyday then the users can plan something to do beforehand or do their hair/makeup to make them and their lives look just that little bit better.

At the current time of writing this blog ‘BeReal’ is currently ranking No.1 on the App store’s ‘Top Free Apps’.

It will be interesting to see where the developers take the app. How they implement new features and how they keep their users hooked. Our team would recommend installing it as our office has been loving it!

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