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What is PRIME Hydration?

PRIME is the brand-new hydration drink created by YouTubers KSI & Logan Paul. The pair have over 70 million subscribers (combined) on YouTube which is a hefty number, to say the least. The drink was first launched in stores and online in the US on January 8, 2022. The demand for the product was so high that it sold out online and in stores within a matter of hours. The drink is now available in some UK stores such as ADSA and Tesco, however, it is virtually impossible to get your hands on it due to high demand.

KSI & Logan’s influence

PRIME claimed its main competitor is Gatorade which generated 2.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Many would think it is unrealistic to go against such a big company in their first year running right? However, in just two months PRIME sold 10 million bottles. These figures have rarely been seen before in such a new beverage company. So, why are people buying? Obviously to taste it, but the main reason is that it’s Logan & KSI’s product.

PRIME X Arsenal

On Wednesday 27th July 2022, Arsenal Football Club announced a new partnership with PRIME. The drink will become the premier league outfit’s Official Hydration Partner. Meaning the drink will be available for supporters and players throughout home matchdays at the Emirates Stadium, London.

Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer, Juliet Slot, said: “We are always looking to join forces with new, exciting, and forward-thinking brands. PRIME falls comfortably into that category, with a product and founders at the forefront of modern culture.”

How long before we start seeing more influencers creating regularly available products worldwide? As when they create a product it always tends to out-perform a brand created by your average Joe.

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