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As brands have embraced social media, they have turned to reactive marketing to engage their audience in the spur of the moment. This type of content is not always guaranteed to succeed, there are risks involved as well as benefits. However, the benefits can be huge.

A brand’s relevance and relatability are enhanced when it is seen to respond to real-time events, news and topics. The reactive content you publish will also have an increased chance of being noticed because many people are already engaged with the event or topic at that certain time.

Cons of Reactive Marketing

  • Face major competition with top brands
  • Requires content to be produced more quickly than usual

Although reactive marketing can be beneficial, it is also very risky. The time constraints associated with reactive marketing mean that marketers have fewer opportunities to assess the phrasing or imagery used in their posts, increasing the risk that they will use an inappropriate tone, image or make grammar mistakes, as the faster you jump on the trend the better.

How to find good topics for Reactive Marketing

Reactive marketing topics are easy to find thanks to hashtags, which allow users to find content relating to a specific topic. Trending topics tell any brand or person where the action is at any given time. We would recommend constantly checking through your social platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for trending subjects. Then… You can make your move.

The best recent examples of Reactive Marketing 

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