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We generate regular reports which we send out to you, analysing which keywords, images and pages on your site that have been optimised. You will also be able to see how well your keywords are ranking in regards to reaching page 1 of Google. After analysis between our SEO team and yourselves, we can discuss any changes that there may be related to your keywords in order to reach your goals.

As well as the regular reporting, we also carry out a technical report. This report is to ensure that your website is working to it’s full ability and is compliant with SEO. This report will also highlight any issues there maybe, which our specialists team will then be able to fix.


SEO Reporting
Google Analytics

Google Analytics can provide all sorts of data from your most popular website pages where the traffic source has come from (organic search, paid, social media) and even which devices most of your customers are using to browse your site.

Google My Business

This is vital for your Local SEO campaign as it shows us exactly how much engagement you are getting from Google My Business, which SEO keywords your customers are using to find you, how many people have called you via Google My Business … the list goes on.


Our recommendations are gold dust, if we do say so ourselves. These recommendations highlight areas of improvement, with marketing being an ongoing and ever-changing process of strategy and adaptation. They are there to ensure we are working with you as a team to enhance your SEO campaign as much as humanly possible.


Our technical audit tells you exactly what technical SEO has been carried out on your website and any areas that can be improved.

If your site is hosted by GRO, you don’t even need to think about improvements as our team will automatically implement these each month (lucky you!).


This report pinpoints where you are ranking on Google each month, what our SEO specialists have optimised and any SEO-rich blog snippets we have published on your site that month. Call us data geeks but we can’t stress enough how important these reports are.

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