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Voice Search

Voice search makes it faster & easier than ever to search apps, web search, or image search for the content you want. In 2019 it will be more significant and growing faster than ever as traditional search breaks down. 58% of consumers who use voice search find local business information within the next day, and 76% of smart home speaker users conduct local searches at least once a week-with 53% performing daily searches, therefore it is inevitable your business needs to keep up to date and compliant with voice search.

Optimising your voice search requires having more visibility on featured snippets. When Google Home answers a question it will cite the source of information by saying the websites name and will often send a link to the searcher. This can give your brand credibility and drive more traffic to your site. As it stands the Google Home reads snippets from sites that are ranked in ‘position zero’ and have been granted a featured snippet, this is why it is so important to optimise accordingly and get your website to the top of Google.

With 2 out of 5 adults performing a voice search at least once a day, here are a few aspects to consider when trying to make your business voice search compliant:

  • HTTPS websites dominate Google’s voice search results. 70.4% of Google’s home result pages are secured with HTTPS.
  •  Content with high levels of social engagement tend to perform well in voice search, for example the average result has 1,199 Facebook shares and 44 tweets.
  • Simple, easy-to-read content may help with voice search SEO. The average result is written at key stage 4.
  • Fast loading websites appear to have an edge in Google Voice search results. The average result page loads in 4.6 seconds (52% faster than the average page).

The future of marketing is Voice search. With big brands such as ASOS investing heavily in voice tech, this is definitely not one to miss.



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