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Why should your business use social media?

With over 87.9% of UK adults using the internet today, can you afford to miss out on that audience? In the UK alone there are over 23.1 million users on Facebook that are aged 30+, this figure doesn’t even count the 9 million Millennials using social media.

So here’s our top tips to get your business social in 2017:

  1. Use all social platforms.
    With the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn out there, how are you supposed to know which one to use? The trick is to use the platforms that your customers are interacting with and remember each social media platform appeals to a different audience, so only using one or two will limit your reach.
  2. Build your content.
    Social media is a great platform to gage what content works for your audience and develop what style and tone of voice you should be using to engage with your audience. This is important because once you have developed a style for all your social media content, customers can then easily identify you against your competitors.
  3. Be consistent.
    How many times a day do you post on social media? How many times week? Be honest. Our tried and tested social media marketing shows tangible results when you are posting 3 times a day. Sounds easy? That’s 84 posts a month just on 1 platform and we recommend you post on at least 3 platforms.
  4. Be current.
    Don’t be afraid to engage with other people in your industry using social media, for example, liking or sharing relevant articles. Not only will this grow your social authority but it will grow your audience and engagement. Make sure you use the relevant hashtags and have a complete social plan for special dates in your industry throughout the year.
  5. Make it visual.
    Who wants to look at streams of text on their social? It’s not relevant and it’s not exciting. You should be looking to engage your customers and potential customers to make them excited by your content. This warms customers up to your business and places a nugget in their mind about who you are and what you do.
  6. Video works.
    Video content on your social platforms engages and ignites customer’s emotions. Video makes it real and is now the most powerful way to connect with an audience. Video marketing isn’t about selling, it’s about providing information and building trust with your audience.
  7. Use your analytics.
    There should be a reason for everything you do. The resources are out there so use them, try posting at different times of the day over a couple of weeks and see what times receive the most interaction. Measure which links get clicks, which posts are shared or liked, then you can develop your social media marketing campaign, so that it works for you and actually helps your business get sales.
  8. Don’t stand alone.
    Social media marketing should never be used in isolation, but rather as part of a full digital campaign. It is a great way to nudge your customers and get them to notice you, but it can’t survive alone. If you are social then does your website compliment your digital brand? What about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? If your customers see you on social and search for you on Google, do you appear on the first page?

Social media marketing, SEOwebsite design and development, E-newsletter campaigns all used to work separately, but not anymore. These are all becoming one and your digital marketing campaign needs to be multichannel.

GRO Marketing are specialists in developing and delivering omni-channel marketing campaigns for our customers. We believe that it is not enough to just post on social media whenever you get chance. It is a valuable resource that you could be overlooking, so don’t miss out anymore, contact us today and let’s get social.