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Instagram is developing a new feature that appears to be a direct copy of BeReal, the app that has proven incredibly popular in recent months.

If you’re unsure what BeReal is check out our blog on the app here.

Instagram are adding yet another feature lifted from a rival app—in this case, BeReal. The new feature is called “Candid Challenges” and it is similar to the current No. 1 free app in the App Store.

What is “Candid Challenges”?

Instagram will send a notification to users, prompting them to take a photo within two minutes. Using the front and back cameras simultaneously, the resulting image contains both a selfie and a picture of whatever is in front of the phone, you guessed it… this is exactly how BeReal works.

It’s not yet known when or if Instagram intends to launch the feature. An Instagram spokesperson described the feature as an “internal prototype” that is not being tested outside of the company. But testing of the functionality suggests that it is at least being considered for replication within the app itself.

Has Instagram done this before?

Yes. In recent months, Instagram has encouraged users to post Reels, which allow them to create short videos of themselves or others that are similar to TikTok’s popular video format. This is the latest in a series of attempts by Instagram to keep itself ‘down with the kids’ by copying rival apps’ features. It previously took its “stories” feature from Snapchat.

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