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Having a great business/product without a well-thought-out and developed marketing strategy is like having a sports car without any fuel. It’s not going anywhere fast.

Social media is a great way to reach out to your audience and introduce your company’s products/services. Customers usually need around 7-11 nudges before they buy, these can be anything from seeing a post on social to an Enewsletter. These nudges should come from 5 different touch points, for example a social media platform, top ranking search engine results, right through to traditional print advertising.

Social media platforms are the perfect way to reach out to your customers, but what platforms should you be using and who is using them?

The Big Four:

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world with 1.79 billion users worldwide. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has been absolutely key to countless marketing strategies, because of the potential audience it offers. This platform is constantly updating and developing its features to keep up with its users’ demand.
Their recent update allows users to live stream video to their friends anywhere in the world. This type of marketing enjoys great social engagement. Incorporating Facebook into your marketing plan allows you to increase local sales and brand awareness, drive sales and customers to your website, find leads and manage customer service socially.

Twitter is a text sharing platform, perfect for short and snappy updates. The use of hashtags allows your content to travel further and reach new audiences. Using this platform for business is a great networking tool, allowing you and other people within your industry to connect. Twitter is one of the easiest ways for a user to interact with a company. A simple like or retweet means great engagement and brand exposure and increased sales.

A single pin on Pinterest has a half-life of 151,200 minutes, meaning this platform is perfect for longevity of your content. Unlike text sharing platforms the content won’t disappear over time. This platform is used by 70% women earning over £40,000 per year, so when thinking about pinning your content, make it visual as this will increase your engagement with this audience.

Instagram has 70 million users worldwide every day. Are you missing this audience because you don’t think Instagram is relevant to your industry? In fact, this is one of the strongest platforms out there, the fierce loyalty that its users show to brands makes it the perfect place to advertise your products/services. Vision is the most dominant sense of them all, so make sure you don’t turn potential customers off with dull colours and boring content. Make it bright and highly visual to help increase your user engagement.

If you are using these platforms then you are on the right path, but don’t underestimate the impact of other social platforms such as SnapchatLinkedIn and YouTube. Please remember that just because you have these social media pages for your business, it doesn’t mean that your sales will just increase.

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