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By using compelling visuals, such as photos and infographics, you can increase the likelihood that your business will stand out in a newsfeed crowded with quotes and text. To create a social media strategy that includes graphics, follow these steps.


To maintain a social media presence, be sure to post regularly across a variety of platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, etc. Posts with images get more engagement than links and text so keeping your visuals look their best is critical to an effective social media strategy.

“Edit Profile”

When choosing a profile image, it’s generally a good idea to use your logo. However, if you feel that something else better represents your brand, don’t be afraid to get creative. On that note, it’s important to choose a profile picture and cover photo that complement each other, whether it be through color or imagery. Always make your page as colour coordinated as possible to keep it looking tidy.

Design content with followers in mind

While it might seem obvious to tailor the content you publish on social media to your audience, be aware that the temptation to make it all about you can be strong. People follow you because they want information, entertainment, or inspiration. Your job is to give them what they came for by designing your content with this in mind.

Base your designs on analytics 

When you post content on social media, it enters a stream of other content and quickly sinks or swims. The good news is that, because social media moves so fast, you can get results from your posting efforts quickly. If you notice some posts work but others don’t identify why, it may be your design.

Design Facts:

The human mind processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

Over 90% of the transmitted information to the brain is visual.

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