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Delivering a successful social media campaign starts with a clear strategy. We believe that it is not enough to just post on social media whenever you have the chance, it’s a valuable resource that you could be overlooking. That is why we ensure that we post regularly on social media as it is all about building relationships and trust with your followers.

But are you on the right social media platforms for your industry?


Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world every company should be on Facebook. Allowing you to upload text posts, images, videos and go live Facebook is the perfect platform for all companies no matter what size. Facebook’s audience includes a large range of different people, like many different ages spanning from 13 and above from all around the world.


Twitter is a great platform for B2B companies and is mainly used as a news and conversation platform. It is a great way to engage with your customers, using it as a customer service platform and to get feedback from customers.


Instagram is a very visual platform where you can share pictures and videos, as well as their story feature which allows images and videos to be posted to be seen for 24 hours. This platform is great for companies who have very visually pleasing products such a clothing stores or companies that are humanized sharing posts about the staff, their customers and day to day life.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet and is the perfect platform for B2B companies. It allows you to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and glean insider expertise from established experts in your industry.


Pinterest is a visual social media platform where users can create pins, share pins, create pin boards and shop through ecommerce. This platform is good for companies who set trends and have visually pleasing products such as a fashion retailor or a homeware shop, as people usually use the platform for inspiration.


YouTube is a video platform that can be a useful marketing channel for businesses. Your business could use YouTube to launch or promote products, express your brand’s ‘personality’, monitor feedback, provide customer service, and help your customers spread the word about your business.


Tiktok has been the rising star of social media over the past few years and small businesses have jumped at the chance to go viral as it seems to be much easier for your video content to go viral on TikTok than on any other social media platform. TikTok allows brands to engage with users through video, only in shorter, bite-sized clips. You can find everyone from influencers and celebrities to politicians and the average Joe.

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