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PPC is instant marketing. If you are willing to spend enough your customers will see you.

Having a well written advert can increase the chances of customer click through ratesCTR (Click-Through-Rate) - This measures the number of clicks from customers e.g. a 'find out more' button on the bottom of an email that takes them to your website page.. If the wording and content of the advert directly targets and engages your ideal market, PPC can mean that your potential customers get to see your company first in the search engine.

Is PPC the best?

The best way to run a successful PPC campaign without overspending your money is to feed your results directly into you organic SEO.


PPC works best with some sort of conversion goal. In‑depth visits to your website are better metrics than just a click. It exposes your brand, your message and what you are offering to new prospects.

GRO will make sure that when you invest in a PPC campaign you will achieve results. A few years ago PPC, SEO, websites etc. were all separate forms of marketing, not any longer

Every marketing strategy should have multiple elements that complement each other to be successful and ultimately increase sales.

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Organic SEO

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