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Web Leads provides you with the names of companies who have clicked on your website.

The analytics we can offer include names of the companies, the date they visited, how many pages they viewed and much more.

This is a must-have service that can help you generate leads for future sales. You can then use this list as a warm B2B (Business to Business) sales list.

Our Process

Add Tracking Code

We add a few lines of tracking code into the header of your website to allow us to track analytics through Web Leads.

Account Set Up

We will then create an account for anyone at your business who needs it, on which they’ll be able to see real time tracking and information on your website visitors. Once you have the leads from Web Leads, it’s up to your sales team to pitch to them.

Hot Sales Leads

Wouldn’t you like to know who has been on your website? Web Leads can do just that, our tool is able to provide you with a list of specific companies that have visited your site.

GRO Web Leads also has a feature called Trigger Settings, which allows you to set up certain ‘triggers’ to receive tailored notifications, for example when a company with a particular word in their name lands on your site.

How Does It Work?

GRO Web Leads uses a small piece of code, much like Google Analytics, which tracks IP addresses visiting a website. Those IP addresses are then matched to data held by us, providing accurate information about website visitors.

All data can be viewed through our Web Leads portal, as well as weekly/monthly reports that can be sent to account users via email. Our Web Leads portal allows you to set up reports yourself and add as many users as you wish.

Web Leads can generate different types of reports:

Real Time and Scheduled.

Real Time reports will send you an email notification every time you receive a visitor to your site.

Scheduled reports work differently. These reports will be sent out to you within a certain time period, whether that be once a week or once a month.

Web Leads gives you the advantage to generate sales by creating a CRM database. After all, when contacting leads to generate a sale, you know they came to you first.

Web Leads has a tool called ‘Trigger Settings’. See below a couple of different types of trigger reports:

Company Name – you will be alerted as soon as selected competitors, potential customers or existing customers land on your site.

Visited Tracking Page – This allows you to be notified as soon as a web visitor lands on a certain page on your website, such as the contact us page.


How do I use the GRO Web Leads?
We get this question a lot, “I have the leads but what do I do with them?” These should be treated as a warm sales list. GRO Web Leads provides you with real-time tracking and reporting information on all visitors, along with what pages they have been looking at and even a list of key personnel within the company. Then it’s down to your sales team to make contact, tailoring a pitch based on their interests on your site.
What businesses can use GRO Web Leads?
Every business can use GRO Web Leads. Our tracking code can track every business IP that hits your website. If you are hunting for B2B (Business to Business) leads, our software provides you with that insight.
Why do I need to know who’s been on my site?
Who doesn’t want to know who’s been on their website? If your business is driven by sales, make your life a little bit easier by identifying what businesses may be interested in the products/services you provide.