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GRO Website leads and Analytics

GRO Website leads

GRO can provide you with the names of companies who have clicked on your website. These analytics include total visitors, keywords, pages visited, contact details and much more, you can then use this list as a warm B2B sales list.

Our experts can advise you on the best way to use this information and help you determine how to contact your hot leads. Interested? Have a chat with our team on 01482 333833.




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Why wouldn’t you like to know who has been on your website? GRO Website Leads can do just that, our tool is able to provide you with a list of specific companies that have visited your site.

Along with the names of companies, we can also provide the date they visited your site, how many pages they viewed and the amount of time they spent on your website. If you are a sales-driven business, then these names will provide you with warm leads for future sales.

GRO Website Leads also has a feature called Trigger Settings, this allows you to set up certain ‘triggers’ to receive tailored notifications of activity on your website, for example when a company with a particular word in their name lands on your site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tracking tool that gives you detailed information about your website visitors and their actions on your website. It’s the most comprehensive analytics tool available. With Google Analytics, you can easily make data-driven marketing decisions to grow your traffic and ultimately boost sales. It allows you to see how many people are hitting your website and their location, which pages on your website are the most popular, which marketing tactics are driving the most traffic to your website, what type of blog content your visitors engage with the most, how you can improve your site speed, and more.

Did you know?

You can track particular actions on your website (i.e. Newsletter sign ups) and monitor specific demographic engagement.

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When you understand your website visitors, the content they like and how they find your website, you can tailor your marketing strategy to grow your online traffic even more.

For example, after looking at your Google Analytics data, you may find that a certain time and day receive better engagement and more visitors to your blog. So by publishing a new post at that time, you can reach even more visitors with your content.


We have a team of experts that have the expertise and qualifications to be able to understand and track your website visitors correctly. Whether you are interested in a complete analytics audit or just would like the training needed to be able to quantify your data properly, we can help.

With every audit we will review your current strategy and make recommendations to point you in the right direction. You can then make the changed yourself or appoint us to implement these changes for you.


Want to get more from your website, if you use your analytics correctly, it can drive your entire marketing campaign. It will highlight who your audience are, what content they digest, what isn’t working and so much more. We can manage complex goal tracking and conversion campaigns specific to your company.

Whether you need to get your head around analytics for the first time or you require more complex analytics, our Google Analytics certified team can help. We have the experience and the expertise to set up personalised, tracked website campaigns to help you understand your website traffic and turn visitors into customers.

Ready to get more from your analytics?

All of our analytics will feed back into your digital marketing campaign to GRO your business. Without transparent analytics, the omni-channel or multi-channel marketing strategy isn’t complete. Reports are provided monthly for all services.

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Who doesn’t want to know who’s been on their website? If your business is driven by sales, make your life a little bit easier by identifying what businesses may be interested in the products/services you provide.

We get this question a lot, "I have the leads but what do I do with them?" These should be treated as a warm sales list. GRO Insights provides you with real time tracking and reporting information on all visitors, along with what pages they have been looking at and even a list of key personnel within the company. Then it’s down to your sales team to make contact, tailoring a pitch based on their interests on your site.

Every business can use GRO Website leads. Our tracking code can track every business IP that hits your website. Whether you are hunting for B2B leads or work in the B2C sector wanting to expand on the supplier side, our software provides you with that Insight.

Yes, this is a few lines of code that can be passed to your IT team to pop into the header of your page. Don’t worry we have developers on hand to help if needed!

What Our Customers Say


Grosvenor Group Ltd

Would definitely recommend.


Dortek Ltd

GRO Marketing have been a great help to our web marketing efforts over the past year. They have done an excellent job working on our SEO and have increased both our web traffic and rankings for keywords on Google.

Paul Donoghue

Grosvenor Group Ltd

Couldn't be more happier with the service that GRO Marketing have supplied us with. From our new website to social media, SEO and Email marketing, we could not fault a single thing. Our Account Manager Lucy couldn't be more helpful and in our monthly meetings she is always keeping us up to date with what new ideas and how to keep the marketing moving in an electronics industry. We couldn't thank the GRO Team enough and i would recommend everyone to use this amazing company!


Colour Tone Masterbatch Ltd

Worked with us from start to finish on a video animation, the results of which we are very pleased with.

O Kagbala

Hideout Hotel Ltd

Enthusiastic, dedicated & professional team. I use GRO for my website SEO, and blog post support. Rachel and Lisa understand the importance of their service to our business, they go beyond their "duties" to ensure they are providing me with the best possible results.

Louie Bottomley

The VWC Ltd

Friendly and helpful staff with excellent knowledge. A pleasure to work with.

Hannah Surtees

Hilton Foods PLC

Love working with GRO, they always deliver on time and take time to fully understand the needs of the client. Highly recommend.

Lucy Fuller

The Secret Wardrobe

GRO Marketing have been fantastic in helping our business, the team are incredibly knowledgable & nothing is ever too much trouble. The support that they have provided & continue to provide is fab. I'm really impressed & I highly recommend.

Gloria Fuller

The Secret Wardrobe

A fantastic customer focused team that have helped my company grow in such uncertain times too, cannot recommend them highly enough!

Caroline Wilson

Corvis Ltd

GRO Marketing are a fantastic team to work with; they are a very customer focused and friendly bunch. They helped us every step of the way with the design and creation of our new mini website and we are absolutely delighted with the results. We look forward to continuing to work with GRO as we expand our own business.

Mark Dressel

Intralan Ltd

A well synchronized team of marketers. A highly experienced team and valuable digital partner.

James Layton

Grosvenor Group Ltd (Harlen Group )

Excellent company, would always recommend GRO. If you want a professional company who cares, these are the company for you. Manager, Grosvenor Group Ltd. James Layton.

James Angove-Walton

Extremely professional from the start, we would highly recommend this agency to anyone wanting a good, honest and professional service that works.

Michael M

The Tale of Two

Excellent company, helped us plan and design our new wedding brochure and even though we kept changing items they were nothing but professional and delivered excellent service all the way through design to print, will definitely be using them again for future projects.