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For many people, “social media” means catching up with friends and family but for many businesses it is a gold mine for targeting potential customers and spreading the word about your products and services.

Facebook Ads.

Whether you’re looking to increase your brand awareness or promote an offer, we will identify and research your target audience, refining our social media advertising strategy to help you get the best results and the best value for your budget. Our paid social media campaigns are data-driven with a targeted and personal approach, and we can provide you with detailed reports to help you understand how well your advertising campaign is performing.

Social Ads.

We use a range of tools and techniques to make sure daily budgets and bids are set at the correct level to drive the best possible performance. We also have a suite of reports to help you understand the performance of your paid social activity.

Social stats

Social media is the most relevant advertising channel for 50% of Generation Z and 42% of Millennials.

  • 911,130 impressions
  • 11,727 clicks to the ad
  • £0.32 average cost per click

Our Process

We send out a questionnaire for you to fill in and send back to us. This will allow us to understand what type of ad campaign you would like and who your target audience are; we can target various demographics such as gender, age, occupation and location. The questionnaire will also give you the opportunity to tell us what your budget is for your ad campaign. All of the information gathered from your questionnaire will be analysed by our specialists in order for them to understand what you would like to achieve from the campaign.
Creative Content
Once we have the information from your questionnaire, we create a content calendar for your ad campaign. This will contain industry hashtags and key focuses for your campaign. At this stage we will also design your ad campaign, the design can be a single design, an image or a GIF/animation.
Ad Copy
Once the type of ad, the design of the ad and the content calendar is complete, our content specialists will write the copy for your ad campaign using the information from the questionnaire and the content calendar. We will then ask you to hand over access to your social platforms to enable us to set up the ad and monitor the campaign.
Once we have your ad campaign up and running, we monitor the campaign on a daily basis making any tweaks necessary there and then. We will also send you monthly reports to show the success of your campaign.