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Our website development team have worked with international clients to build effective eCommerce websites and strategies that deliver results.

Our team of experts seek to understand your retail business and use that knowledge to develop a bespoke digital eCommerce solution.

Online Purchasing.

As the digital world evolves, so does human life and over the past few years we have seen a huge change in online shopping behaviour with now over 75% of shoppers purchasing items using the internet.
Choosing the right eCommerce website is the key to your online business success, that is why it is so important to ensure your eCommerce website stands out from the rest and entices potential customers to purchase from you.
We deliver bespoke WooCommerce and Shopify websites that are flawless in design, fast and error free, all whilst delivering a unique customer buying experience. All our eCommerce websites are optimised to offer great performance in all search engines that will help your online shop gain better, faster rankings which in turn will generate more sales.

Key Features:

Drive sales across all devices
With a desktop and mobile responsive eCommerce website, you’ll drive sales on all devices no matter how your customer is shopping online.

Easy Navigation
Developed using the latest technology and high-quality standards, you’ll have a ultra-fast website that allows customers to go from browsing your products to checking out in seconds.

Product Features and Capabilities
From basic eCommerce functionality to sophisticated product options, attributes, and filters, we’ve got it sorted.

Easily Manage Your inventory
Whether you’re managing orders, products, or content on landing pages, every eCommerce website we build is created to make managing the whole website easy.

Integrated Marketing Tools
From advanced SEO tools to running promotions, our sites are built to give you a suite of powerful marketing tools that will drive potential customers to your eCommerce website.

Why choose WooCommerce?

  • It is one of the leading online eCommerce platforms.
  • 30% of all online stores use WooCommerce.
  • It makes analytics and sales reports very easy.
  • It offers a lot of flexibility, with loads of customisation options to create a standout website.
  • Great for product and eCommerce SEO, your products will rank on Google much easier.
  • User-friendly and easy to update products, categories, archives, and more.
  • WooCommerce integrates with many existing tools, such as MailChimp, Zapier, PipeDrive, etc.

Our Process

After we have had a meeting to discuss your goals and break down costs, we will provide you with a simple questionnaire to help us capture exactly what you need from your new website. This also ensures we have any details we need in relation to your existing environment and concerns before we build the site.
Your audit includes a sitemap which will show you the functionality and flow of your website, ensuring website users will be able to easily navigate the site. A timeline that gives key dates for the website to ensure it is completed by a certain date. And a mood board that includes all design aspects of the site, such as colour palette, typography, iconography etc. It also details ideas for the site including design features, functionality and animations.
We create three home page wireframe designs based on our audit stage, for our customer to choose the initial design from. All three designs will be very different and include elements of what the clients wants and how GRO can make it better.
Full Website Design
Once a wireframe is chosen this is where the fun begins. Our expert website designers will now start creating every page of the site, using the same design style from the chosen home page. The pages designed will be based off the sitemap created in the website audit stage.
Mobile Design
In the mobile browsing era, it’s not enough for your website to work well on desktop. It should have the ‘wow’ factor across a multitude of devices – mobile, desktop and tablet. With mobile first website design, our web design specialists are able to create a great user experience for your customers that they will keep coming back to.
Our development stage breaks down into three parts, this is to ensure the build of the site goes as smoothly as possible. Your site will be built from the sitemap created in the audit stage and the full site design that has been signed off. We will add various elements required for SEO such as favicons and any coding / tagging needed into the site.
Your website is now ready to go live, the months of hard work have paid off. Now it's time to show your new bespoke website off to existing and potential clients. We will be with you along every step of the launch and ensure all checks are done and that your site is launched on our fast, secure and fully supported server.