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Social Media 2024, Social Media Agency Hull

What Will Social Media Look Like in 2024?

March 3, 2023
It’s never too early to start predicting the future of social media, right? It’s natural to ponder the future of social media, given its ...
Elon musk twitter, Social Media Agency Hull

Is Elon Musk Buying Twitter?

October 24, 2022
Elon Musk apparently has reconsidered his interest in acquiring Twitter, again. He is now willing to move forward with the proposed takeover of the ...
Web Design Trends 2023, Website Design Hull

5 Web Design Trends

October 5, 2022
Here at GRO, we work through a six-phase process from start to finish on every website we design, ensuring that your site is delivered ...
Instagram vs BeReal, Social Media Agency Hull

Instagram Copies BeReal

August 26, 2022
Instagram is developing a new feature that appears to be a direct copy of BeReal, the app that has proven incredibly popular in recent ...
Prime X Arsenal FC

PRIME Hydration x Arsenal FC is The Pinnacle of Influencer Marketing

August 2, 2022
What is PRIME Hydration? PRIME is the brand-new hydration drink created by YouTubers KSI & Logan Paul. The pair have over 70 million subscribers ...
BeReal, SEO Agency Hull

Is BeReal The Next Big Social Platform?

May 5, 2022
Let’s ‘BeReal’ there are countless failed social media platforms that have tried dominating the global networking world. Vine, Google+ and Myspace to name a ...
google algorithm changes, seo agency hull

Why Do Google Keep Changing Their Algorithms?

March 15, 2022
There are many search engines now that the world can access whether that’s Yahoo, Bing or duck duck go. However, I think we can ...
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Mistakes Brands Make When Using Social Media

March 1, 2022
Are you creating content that nobody sees? We’ve all been there before. You create a piece of content you love and you’re excited to ...
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Your Own Personal Brand, Why Is It Important?

February 16, 2022
Think of it this way, your personal brand is your own professional identity. It is a way to show your best self to clients, ...